• Hydrant Usage Permit

    The Board of Water and Light allows bulk water purchase at the hydrant for the following uses:

    • Temporary water for construction projects
    • Pool filling by BWL customers
    • Festivals
    • Appropriate use by municipal authority (i.e. street sweepers and fire department)


    To assure water delivered to customers from BWL conditioning plants maintains its high quality, the BWL exercises control over the number and type of temporary hook-ups that are made to the water distribution system. A BWL Hydrant Usage Permit is required for such uses to assure a testable, certified backflow prevention device is used for all temporary hook-ups to a BWL system hydrant. These permits can be renewed on an annual basis.

    Water haulers and pool fillers may only use the designated hydrant located in the yard at 730 E. Hazel in Lansing to fill their tanks.

    For more detailed information about obtaining a hydrant usage permit, please contact the BWL Water and Steam Resource Center, Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at (517) 702-6490.

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