• BWL Storm Preparedness

    The BWL continuously monitors weather conditions for signs of potential problems.

    • At the first sign of a major storm approaching, administrative and field personnel are alerted to prepare support staff for possible emergency duty.

    • Availability of needed supplies (poles, transformers, cable, etc.) is checked.

    • Repair vehicles are fueled up and loaded with essential equipment and supplies.

    • If severe weather and extensive damage is expected, arrangements are made with outside utility companies to provide backup crews.

    • In addition to their regular duties, a number of employees throughout the BWL system have volunteered for special training for storm assignments, such as spotters and public safety watchers. Spotters patrol the service area to report damage and public safety watchers assist in keeping the public away from downed wires until repair crews are available.

    • In the event of an emergency, the BWL collaborates with the City of Lansing Emergency Operations Center and other agencies to coordinate restoration and community strategy.

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