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  • Sorting out responsibility after storm damage

    The BWL Meter Department has expanded hours to accommodate electrical contractors and customers who need replacement parts required for power restoration for customers who may have damage to meter boxes due to masts being pulled away from their homes.
    The BWL Meter Department is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. until further notice, and is located in Building “G” at 1140 S. Pennsylvania.

    The equipment is free of charge to contractors and customers. It important to note that customers should pick up these parts only at the direction of their electrical contractor:
    •       200 Amp Residential  Meter Socket
    •       Meter Hubs in these sizes:  1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”
    •       Nylon Screw type House Knobs
    •       Nylon Riser Clamp Knobs for 2” rigid Risers.

    BWL power lines connect to a home or business at the vertical pole or "mast" on the sides buildings, or "house knobs" - those little knobs attached to the building. If the mast or house knobs are damaged or down, it's the customers responsibility to hire an electrician to repair the items before the BWL can reattach the power line to the building. The meter - which records the amount of electricity used - is BWL equipment and the responsibility of the utility. Go to for more information.

    When storms damage equipment that delivers electricity to homes, customers are sometimes puzzled by a question: Precisely where does the BWL’s responsibility for repairs end, and where does the customer’s responsibility begin? To help answer the question, please see the drawing at right. The customer is responsible for repairs to equipment shaded in orange. The vertical pole you see on the sides of homes is called a “mast.” The service may also be attached to the house by “house knobs” – those little knobs attached to the house as shown in the drawing.

    Whether it’s a mast or house knobs, they mark the point where BWL power lines connect to a home or business. The mast and/or house knobs are the customer’s responsibility. Please note that the meter – which records the amount of electricity used – is BWL equipment. The meter is the BWL’s responsibility to maintain or repair.

    However, the equipment the meter attaches to (the meter box, see drawing) is the owner’s responsibility. To recap: Customers are responsible for repairs to any equipment shaded in orange in the drawings.

    Typically after a storm or high winds, our repair crews leave bright orange notifications on residences’ door knobs. These “door hangers” list the type of repairs needed, and whether repairs will be done by BWL crews. It also lets customers know if they are responsible for repairs. Customers may need to consult or hire a licensed electrical contractor. The BWL cannot contract out for repairs, and is prohibited from making recommendations regarding contractors.

    If you have any questions about our repair policies, please call our Customer Service Department at (517) 702-6006.


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