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A six hour electrical outage has been scheduled to make repairs on Tuesday, March 3 from 8am until 2pm. The work will be done on the 900 block of Long Blvd in Lansing. All 36 affected customers have been contacted. The back-up date for this work is Wednesday, March 4 from 8am until 2pm.


A planned outage is work performed on a schedule which requires turning customers’ power off. The BWL’s intent is to minimize the duration of these outages, which can last from 2 to 8 hours. The outages are important in maintaining the integrity of the lines that serve our customers and for the safety of our workers. The BWL will inform customers ahead of the outage so they can plan accordingly.




The extreme cold weather has resulted in increased reports of frozen water service lines into homes and businesses scattered throughout the BWL water service territory. 
Water main pipes are typically buried four feet underground with extension lines running into homes and businesses. While water lines buried at this level fall below the frost line during most winters, the extended cold streak has lowered the frost line in some areas resulting in the lines freezing. A BWL crew will dig, expose and thaw the frozen line, or hook up water to a neighbor’s service until the line can be thawed. Other water utilities across Michigan are experiencing similar problems.
The BWL is responsible for service from the water main to the meter in a home or business. A building owner is responsible for water pipes inside their building. The BWL has more than 55,000 residential and commercial water customers.
BWL customers who experience water problems should call 517-702-6490.