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Hometown Energy Savers

Saving money is always a good thing! BWL created the Hometown Energy Savers® program to help customers do just that. We provide a variety of services and incentives to help residential and business electric customers lower their energy usage and save money. Use the Home Energy calculator to track your energy usage and see ways to save. Visit Kids Korner for fun activities that teach kids what energy is about. Apply for rebates and cash incentives and access free services to help you reach your energy efficiency goals. Our programs are good for your wallet and good for the environment. Remember; the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use.

We are your Hometown Energy Savers® and we are here to help you be more energy efficient so you can start saving today!





Home Energy Rebates

As a BWL residential electric customer, you’re eligible for rebates when you buy qualifying energy-efficient products and appliances. Call 1-800-573-3503 for more information.

» List of Qualifying Rebates
» Heating & Cooling Rebate Application
» Lighting & Appliance Rebate Application
» Furnace Upgrade Benefits

Multifamily Efficiency Program

The BWL has programs to help landlords, property managers, and developers of multifamily properties save energy and money. For existing properties, we directly install energy-saving items for free. For new construction or remodel projects, we work with developers and property managers to determine cost-effective energy-saving measures that can be put in to place.

» Program details
» Multifamily Rebate Application

Be Bright! Lighting

With the help of the BWL Hometown Energy Savers® program, you can purchase energy efficient lighting and appliances at reduced prices from participating retailers.

» Participating Local Retailers
» How to Choose the Right Bulb  

CFL Recycling Sites

Customers can conveniently dispose of burnt-out CFL bulbs at many area locations. Turning in old CFL bulbs for proper recycling is good for the environment.

» List of Recycling Sites


EnergySmartHome is one of the newest offerings to help BWL electric customers save on their energy use. This free online energy audit provides you with a detailed report of your energy usage including month-to-month comparisons and tips for improvements you can make to help stretch your energy dollars. Try it today!

» Online Energy Audit  

Appliance Recycling Program

It is time to replace your older refrigerator, freezer, dehumidifier or room air conditioner? Do you have a second refrigerator plugged in that you’re not really using? These appliances are wasting your money and taking up space. Let us pick them up for FREE! BWL contractor, Michigan Energy Options will pick up these older, working appliances for recycling and you’ll get a rebate check.
Call us at 800-573-3503 to schedule your pick-up today.

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Solar Attic Fan Rebate

Cash rebates of $125 are available for the installation of solar powered attic fans that replace traditional attic fans in residential homes.

» Program Details
» Solar Attic Fan Rebate Application

Home Energy Suite

BWL Offers online energy audits and informative educational services

Click here to utilize the Home Energy Calculator and Home Energy Library for advice and information.


THINK! ENERGY TAKE ACTION! school program – a 45 to 60 minute interactive, hands-on presentation with a take home energy efficiency kit for each participating student and teacher. The program teaches the importance of energy and environmental resources.

» Thinkenergy.org/BWLConsumers

Choosing a Contractor

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency could require a contractor to make improvements such as adding new insulation, windows, or heating and cooling systems.

» What to Look For

Participating Residential Contractors are familiar with the Hometown Energy Savers® Residential program, have completed at least one project through the program, and have agreed to comply with the program's guidelines. The BWL does not endorse any particular contractor or their products within these programs.

» Participating Residential Contractor List  

Commercial & Industrial Incentives

These programs provide incentives to customers who wish to make qualified efficiency improvements to their businesses with both custom and prescriptive offerings.

» Rebate Application
» Limited-time Lighting Incentive

New Construction Incentives

Planning a new construction or major renovation project? Take advantage of valuable energy efficiency incentives from the Hometown Energy Savers® program. Call today at (517) 316-7859 and our expert energy advisors will help you get started!

Participating Commercial Contractors

Participating Commercial Contractors have been provided with an orientation on the Hometown Energy Savers® Commercial & Industrial program, have completed at least one project through the program, and have agreed to comply with the program's guidelines. The BWL does not endorse any particular contractor or their products within these programs.

» Participating Commercial Contractor List

Small Business Incentives

Do you have a small business with big energy costs? The Hometown Energy Savers® small business program provides incentives and direct installation for a variety of common electric equipment upgrades such as energy-efficient lighting, HVAC and food service equipment. Custom project incentives are also available. Call today at (517) 316-7859 and our expert energy advisors will help you get started!


Building Operator Certification

Building Operator Certification (BOC®) is a nationally recognized, award-winning competency-based training and certification program that offers facilities personnel the improved job skills and knowledge to transform workplaces to be more comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. This program is intended for building engineers, stationary engineers, maintenance supervisors, maintenance workers and HVAC technicians who work in operations and maintenance of facilities over 50,000 sq. feet. All classes will be held at Lansing Community College’s West Campus and begin on March 12th. Tuition rebates are available for qualifying individuals. For more information and to register, visit http://www.boccentral.org/training-michigan