• Speakers Bureau

    The Board of Water and Light is pleased to announce the creation of a speaker’s bureau available for presentations to neighborhood organizations and civic groups in our service area. Topics range from the benefits of public power to information presentations about tree trimming and replacement of lead water service lines.

    Each of the presentations lasts approximately 15-20 minutes long and is free of charge to Lansing Board of Water and Light customers.

    For more information, or to book an appointment, you may call us at 702-6679, or e-mail us.

    Choose from the following topics:

    • Public Ownership = Public Power: Learn about how and why the BWL was formed and the advantages public power ownership offers to our customers.

    • Providing you with high quality drinking water: Where does Lansing’s drinking water come from and what do we do to make sure it’s safe and pure?

    • Trimming trees for safety: This presentation is about preserving the beauty and safety of our neighborhoods while keeping trees and power lines from interfering with each other.

    • Keeping our drinking water lead free: The BWL is in the midst of an aggressive campaign to remove all lead service lines from our water system. Hear about things you and we can do to protect against exposure to lead in drinking water.

    • Hometown Energy Savers® Presentation & Event Display: Get answers to your energy questions and learn about the following BWL programs that offer free products and cash incentives to help residential and business electric customers save money.

      • Free Energy Efficient Lighting for Residential Customers
      • Recycle Your Old Refrigerator or Freezer
      • High Efficiency Heating & Cooling and Dehumidifier Rebates
      • Commercial & Industrial Financial Incentives


      In addition, the BWL is available to set up and staff a Hometown Energy Savers® display booth at local events and festivals on request.

      Presenter & Display Booth Contact: Natalie Molnar (517) 702-6597 or nrm@lbwl.com

      Solar Array Tours

      Did you know that we have one of Michigan’s largest solar energy array’s right here in downtown Lansing? BWL offers group tours of its 432 photovoltaic panels for groups of ten or more.

      Presenter Contact: Jan Nelson at (517) 702-6071 or jgn@lbwl.com

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