Downed Power Line

What do I do if I see or suspect a downed power line?

If you see or suspect a downed power line, stay at least 20 feet away and keep children and pets away. Call 877-295-5001 or 911 immediately. Use extreme caution and follow these guidelines:

  • Never assume a wire is not dangerous, even if it’s lying still.
  • Never cross the yellow barrier tape that may be around downed power lines.
  • Exercise extreme caution near metal fences after severe weather, even if there are no downed power lines in sight. Electric currents will be strongest where a downed wire is touching the metal fence, but even a connecting fence several backyards away can be energized and dangerous
  • Find out where power lines and other utilities are buried before you install a fence, deck, mailbox or lamppost. A simple phone call to MISS Dig at 8-1-1 is all it takes.