Smart Meter Opt Out

Opt-Out Policies

The BWL is currently in the process of upgrading to smart meters throughout our service territory. Prior to installation of a smart meter, customers will have the option to “Opt-Out” and have the BWL install a new advanced meter and/or water module with the communication radio disabled instead of the fully functional smart meter.

Once disabled, BWL will read the meters in person, for billing purposes, not less than four times a year. All other bills will be estimated.

Opt-Out Fees

The following opt-out fees will apply:

One Time Fee

Electric Only: $115

Water Only: $125

Electric & Water: $190

Water & Irrigation: $250

Electric, Water & Irrigation: $315

Monthly Fee

Electric Only: $10

Water Only: $20

Water & Irrigation: $20

Electric & Water: $25

Electric, Water & Irrigation: $25

Eligible Customers

  • Single-family, residential home
  • Homeowner must reside in the home and approve opt out if account is in another occupant's name
  • BWL accounts must be current for all occupants and owner
  • Advanced meter has not already been installed at the residence
  • Customer must sign the BWL Advance Metering Opt-Out Application
  • Pay the Opt-Out Fees (listed above)

Ineligible Customers

  • Customer with history of tampering
  • Account shut off for non-payment within the last 12 months
  • Meter is in an inaccessible location
  • Multi-family homes
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Commercial and Industrial customers
  • Customers participating in Time of Use Rates
  • Tenants, renters or lessees

Submit Online Form

Customer Information (check all that apply)
Service Address
You can also download the form and mail it to Lansing Board of Water & Light, ATTN: BSmart AMI Opt-Out, P.O. Box 13007, Lansing, MI 48901 or email to

*If the requestor is not the legal owner of the premise, they must reside in the home and the owner must approve the opt-out.

Terms & Conditions

I represent and warrant that I am the named, authorized person on the account provided and the legal owner of the Premises as defined below*. By signing this form, I am indicating that I want to opt-out of Lansing Board of Water & Light’s (BWL) advanced metering program and by signing this form, I agree to a “communication disabled” advanced meter being installed at the premises in lieu of a fully functioning advanced meter. I agree that I will maintain clear and direct access to the meter(s) allowing the BWL’s employees to manually read the meter(s) at all times. I understand that by Opting-Out, I am only eligible for the BWL’s basic residential rates and will not be able to receive any other enhanced benefits that the advanced metering may provide. I understand that, in accordance with BWL’s Opt-Out Policy, the account will be assessed a one-time service and administration fee (enrollment fee), as well as an ongoing meter reading fee(s). The fees are subject to BWL Rules and Regulations, and are subject to change without notice. I understand I may cancel my opt-out at any time. Should my account at any time become ineligible, I understand that my opt-out will be cancelled with cause and I will no longer be eligible for BWL’s Opt-Out policy. There is no fee or penalty to CANCEL Opt-Out, however, all paid fees and charges are non-refundable.
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