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Douglas Jester

City of East Lansing

Douglas Jester is a Non-Voting Advisory Member (Commissioner) of the Board of Commissioners representing utility customers in the City of East Lansing.

Commissioner Jester is a Partner of 5 Lakes Energy, a strategy and policy consulting firm offering services to the public and private sectors respecting clean energy, environment and economic development. Douglas provides policy analysis and advice to clients, testifies as an expert witness before the Michigan Public Service Commission and utility regulatory commissions in other states, and provides research and analysis for various clients. Recent activities have included work on electric utility cost of service studies and rate design, distribution system planning, least-cost compliance with the Clean Power Plan in ten states, incorporation of advanced energy technologies in integrated resource planning, developing a pathway to increased use of cogeneration and generation from renewable resources in Michigan, standby rates for cogeneration and solar generation, PURPA avoided costs for compensation of power supplied to the grid from cogeneration facilities and renewable resources, and utility programs to provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Prior to joining 5 Lakes Energy, Douglas served as Senior Energy Policy Advisor to the Director of the State of Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth; consultant to the Chief Technology Officer of Verizon to develop Smart Grid product architecture and market strategy; technology line-of-business executive at MCI; Chief Technology Officer and board member of Automated License Systems; and various roles at the State of Michigan where he worked in environmental and economic regulation of electric power generation, management of Great Lakes fisheries and water quality, ecosystem simulation modeling, and valuation of environmental damages. He also was co-owner and President of Efficient Printers Inc in Reno, NV. He is currently also the principal investor in an early-stage information technology company and an angel investor in several energy and information technology companies.

Douglas has served the City of East Lansing, Michigan as Mayor and on the City’s Environment Commission, Transportation Commission, Housing Services Corporation, Downtown Development Authority, Downtown Management Board, Local Development Finance Authority, and City Council as well as chairing a number of ad hoc committees.

Douglas was educated at New Mexico State University, Virginia Tech, the University of British Columbia, and Michigan State University with major fields of study including Mathematics and Computer Science, Biology, Fine Arts, Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Statistics and Operations Research, Animal Resource Ecology, and Agricultural and Resource Economics. He has been an adjunct member of the Michigan State University faculty since 1984, and is a member of professional societies in several disciplines.

Douglas is married to Colleen Barry, M.D., and has three children and one grandchild. He has lived in East Lansing since 1986.

Commissioner Jester was appointed to the Board of Commissioners effective November 6, 2017 and his term expires June 30, 2019.

Committee Assignments include: Non-Voting Member of the Committee of the Whole, Finance and Human Resources Committees.