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  • Advisory:

    Please report power outages by calling 877-295-5001 or text “OUT/OUTAGE” to 898295/txtbwl. Until further notice, please do not report power outages using the BWL Mobile App or BWL Outage Map. We apologize for any inconvenience.



    4 Ways to Report an Outage

    Power, Downed Line or Streetlight, call (877) 295-5001
    Water or Steam Emergency, call (517) 702-6490
    Download FREE Outage Center Mobile App! Available for Apple & Android
    *Text “OUT/OUTAGE” to 898295/txtbwl to report the outage, "STAT/STATUS" to
    request a status update, "HELP" to receive help information and "STOP" to stop texts
    Launch BWL Outage Map to report your outage or check on property status

    *LBWL Alerts - Terms and Conditions
    Message and data rates may apply.

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ImageLaunch map to report your outage or check on property status. Once reported, outage may take up to 15 minutes to be displayed.