BWL Facilities

The BWL operates numerous facilities throughout the greater Lansing area to provide safe, reliable service to its customers. If you're interested in touring one of our facilities, or using the REO Town Depot for a community meeting, please submit a request form.

Eckert Power Station

The Eckert Power Station is the BWL’s oldest operating power plant. The 375-megawatt plant’s coal-fired generation units were installed over several years starting in the mid-1950s. It includes six electric generating units, all of which are scheduled to close in 2020 as the BWL moves to a significantly cleaner and more reliable energy portfolio.

Erickson Power Station

The Erickson Power Station was completed in 1973 and contains a single coal-fired generator capable of producing 160 megawatts of electricity. It was recently rated one of the most efficient plants of its size in the United States. The Erickson Station is scheduled to close in 2025 as part of the BWL's move to cleaner and more reliable energy sources.

Delta Energy Park

The BWL is building a new natural gas-fired power plant, expected to be operational by 2021. Significantly cleaner, more reliable and more efficient, the new plant will be located at the Erickson Power Station facility in Delta Township. It will generate 250 megawatts and create 1,200 construction jobs.

John F. Dye Water Conditioning Plant

The John F. Dye Water Conditioning Plant, which recently underwent a $10 million restoration, can condition and distribute 40 million gallons of water daily. The Dye Plant’s architecture reflects the Art Deco style prevalent when it was built in 1939 as a project of the Works Project Administration. In the plant’s lobby, large murals painted by artists Frank Cassara and Charles Pollock depict the beneficial and destructive forces of water.

Wise Road Water Conditioning Plant

The Wise Road Water Conditioning Plant was built in 1966 and can condition and distribute 10 million gallons of water daily. A $30 million retrofit of the plant was recently completed.

Roy E. Peffley Chilled Water Plant

The Roy E. Peffley Chilled Water Plant was completed in 2009. The $20 million plant provides chilled water to cool State of Michigan and other buildings in downtown Lansing. The state-of-the-art facility is so highly automated that it is operated remotely by computer.

REO Town Headquarters and Cogeneration Plant

The REO Cogeneration Plant is BWL’s first natural gas-fired power plant. Operational in 2013, the REO Town plant generates up to 300,000 pounds of steam per hour and 100 megawatts of electricity. The plant, winner of many industry awards, is among the most clean and efficient in the United States. The $182 million project includes the BWL’s headquarters which supports more than 200 employees.

REO Town Depot

The 100+ year old REO Town Depot was restored and reopened in 2013, along with the BWL’s headquarters. This beautiful facility, previously known as the historic Grand Trunk Western Railroad depot, is on the U.S. and Michigan Register of Historic Sites. Everything from the interior woodwork and vaulted ceilings to the terra cotta roof tiles were refurbished or replaced. It now hosts meetings of BWL’s Board of Commissioners and training for BWL employees, and serves as a meeting place for community-based non-profit organizations.

Inquire about holding your community meeting at the REO Town Depot.

Haco Customer Service Center

The Haco Customer Service Center offers walk-in hours for customers to pay their bill via kiosk, drop box or with a customer service representative. Haco is also home base for nearly 200 BWL employees.

Belle River Plant

Through our membership in the Michigan Public Power Agency, the BWL receives 146 megawatts of electricity from the Belle River Plant, a coal-fired generator located near St. Clair, Michigan and built and operated by DTE. The Belle River Station was completed in 1984. DTE has announced plans to close the plant by 2030.

RACER Trust Site

Following the completion of BWL’s Delta Energy Park in 2021, the BWL will relocate its Penn-Hazel Complex, including its warehouse and line, water, fleet and maintenance departments, to a new facility. The RACER Trust site will be built at W. Saginaw Street and Stanley Street on Lansing’s west side.

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