BWL Electric Overview

The BWL serves around 100,000 residential, business and industrial electric customers. We own 2,000 miles of overhead and underground power lines throughout the greater Lansing area. BWL was the first utility in the State of Michigan to develop a renewable portfolio – and we remain committed to a cleaner, greener region. We've committed to 40 percent clean energy by 2030.

Power Sources

We generate power right here in the Lansing region. These resources include two natural gas-fired power plants, the REO Cogeneration Plant and Delta Energy Park. Our full list of resources can be found here

Rate Information

Electric rate information for residential and business customers can be found below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


To secure a new service or installation application, please contact Utility Services at 517-702-6700 during normal business hours. You may be required to provide the following information:

  • Legal Business Name
  • Federal Tax ID
  • Contact Name and Phone #
  • Billing Address (if different than service address)
  • Electrician Name and Phone #
  • Service Type-OH or UG / Voltage / Size-Amps


To secure a new or upgrade application, you may be required to provide the following information: Please be aware for upgrades if the proposed address is NOT an active BWL electric account, you will first need to contact our Customer Service Department at 517-702-6006 (Option #4) to put service in your name.

  • Service Address
  • Contact Name & Phone #
  • Electrician Name & Phone #
  • Service Type – OH or UG / Voltage / Size - Amps


A meter spot will be required for a new or upgraded service. A site visit by BWL personnel will be performed.


Applications for a new electric installation or upgrade must be made to Utility Services and accepted by the BWL before service will be supplied.


The BWL will extend facilities to provide service in accordance with the provisions of Rules & Regulations for Electric Service. When the Customer requests the BWL to deliver energy in a manner or location other than that designated by the BWL, the Customer will pay the additional costs. 


Your licensed electrician must obtain an electrical permit from the local city/municipality and pass electrical inspection prior to the BWL energizing the service.


A meter spot is written documentation of current BWL construction standards intended to guide your installer through the new service installation or upgrade process. A meter spot will require a site visit by BWL personnel.


The BWL requires the metering equipment for all Residential, Commercial, and Small Industrial Customers be located outdoors (on the Customer’s building or structure). The BWL must pre-approve the mounting of metering equipment indoors in those cases where there is no suitable outdoor location.


The requirement is that the meter be between 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 feet from its centerline opening to the final surface grade.

Yes, however all cost associated with changing the service is the customer’s responsibility and must be paid before any work by BWL begins. Contact Utility Services 517-702-6700 and they will assign a Customer Projects Designer/Technician to meet with you based on your requested location.

It depends upon several factors such as the scope of work, permits where required, weather conditions, etc. In cases where our existing distribution is adequate for your new service and your electrician has completed the meter enclosure installation. On average the wait should be approximately 5 working days for overhead and 15 days for underground from the time BWL receives final electrical inspection approval.

In cases where our existing distribution is adequate for your upgrade needs and your electrician has completed meter enclosure modifications, on average the wait should be approximately 5 working days from the time BWL receives a final electrical inspection.  Current residential service drops will support a 200 amp load. Open wire services will only be changed to a triplex service in the case of a potential safety hazard or at the discretion of the Emergency Service Worker.

The BWL has specific requirements for temporary service and should be consulted for each case. Contact our Utility Services Department at 517-702-6700. They will assign a Customer Projects Designer/Technician to meet with you based on your requested location.

We suggest that you contact your local communications provider and work directly with one of their representatives. The BWL is not authorized to install communications service cable.

Since the cost of relocating a pole to accommodate a customer is an expense incurred solely to accommodate an individual request/requirement; it must be paid by the customer specifically requesting or requiring the relocation, and not be absorbed by other rate-payers.

The only exception to the relocation provisions will be the relocation of the Board’s electric Facilities within the public right-of-way that blocks the access to the first driveway to a residential Premise.

There will be a charge for relocation work to provide any additional driveways to these Premises. Proof of driveway permits will be required prior to any relocation work. Driveway permits are available online through the City of Lansing or City of East Lansing website.

The Customer is responsible for obtaining inspections on work done to their electrical system as required by the local inspection authority.

Contact our Transmission & Distribution Department at 517-702-6317 a minimum 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.


Contact our Outage Assistance toll free number 877-295-5001 for the dispatch of an Emergency Service Worker to resolve the safety hazard.


In the event your meter enclosure has been damaged due to storm, wind or limb damage, you or your electrician may contact our Metering Department at 517-702-6315 and request a new enclosure. The Customer shall be responsible to install, own and maintain a metering enclosure(s). Meter enclosures may be furnished by the BWL.

Contact our Transmission & Distribution Department at 517-702-6317 or Electric Metering Department at 517-702-6315

To order the demolition of utilities at a property, please complete the following authorization form in its entirety.

Demolition Request Form (PDF)

Follow these guidelines:

  • If you must use an extension cord, make sure it is the right capacity for the tool or appliance with which it is used. Use grounded (three-prong) extension cords for outdoor tools and holiday lighting.
  • Make sure tools, appliances and holiday lights are approved for outdoor use. Outdoor tools and appliances should have heavier wiring, special insulation and a three-prong, grounded plug.
  • When hanging lights around your roofline or in trees, be sure to survey the area for overhead power lines and maintain at least a 10-foot distance.
  • Keep all electrical connections off the ground and hang sockets downward to prevent water from seeping into them.
  • Don’t run electrical cords through door or window openings where they can be damaged.
  • For added protection, plug outdoor lights and decorations into circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).
  • Don’t overload electrical circuits or use more than three sets of standard lights on each extension cord.
  • Unplug light sets before inserting new bulbs or changing fuses.
  • Keep lights off carpet, furniture and drapes. Turn them off before you go to bed or leave home.
  • Make sure household smoke detectors are working properly.