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BWL Launches New Power Outage Reporting Numbers

The BWL has launched new outage reporting numbers including a new phone number and texting short code for its nearly 100,000 electric customers – including both residential and business customers. Call 866-710-8222 and/or text 295688 (BWLOUT) to report any BWL power outage. Learn More about BWL Launches New Power Outage Reporting Numbers

Text "OUT/OUTAGE" to 295688/bwlout to report an outage, "STAT/STATUS" to request a status update, "HELP" to receive help information and "STOP" to stop texts. See BWL Terms and Conditions. Message and data rates may apply.

Streetlight Fix

Is there a broken streetlight or light out in your neighborhood? Customers can report streetlights out by calling 866-710-8222 or through an online form.

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Learn more about how the BWL prepares for emergencies and how you can be prepared ahead of severe weather, too.

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