Automatic Leave On Request

When the electric and/or water service is ordered off by a tenant at the address below, I am hereby requesting that the service(s) be left on and that the bills be mailed.

To cancel an Automatic Leave On Request, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Service Type
Request Type
Service under this request is provided subject to the rates, rules and regulations of the Lansing Board of Water & Light now in effect or amended which are incorporated herein by reference.
It is hereby understood that cancellation of the Automatic Leave On Request must be made in writing to the BWL as soon as possible and sent to the attention of the Customer Service Department and that all bills rendered to the above person will be his and/or her responsibility until such notice is received. Cancellation may be submitted via the Board of Water and Light online Automatic Leave on Cancellation Request.

By submitting this application, I accept the above stated Terms and Conditions and confirm that I am the Requesting Party shown above.
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