Health & Safety

Putting Our Customers First

At BWL, the health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. By educating our community about electric power safety, and providing electric maintenance services – like tree trimming – we can prevent injuries and property damage. 

A blue utility flag sticks in the ground

Miss Dig 811

If you are planning a project that involves digging, Michigan law requires that the underground utility lines must be flagged before you start digging. Read more about how to connect with Miss Dig ahead of your projects.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

We're committed to managing trees to provide line clearance which ensures customer safety, safety for electric line crews and reliable electric power. Learn more about our trimming cycle and how we ensure our power lines are safe.

Louie the Lightning Bug teaches school children about electric safety

School Electric Safety Program

Are you a school teacher looking to bring electric safety into the classroom? Consider our School Electric Safety Program.

A little girl drinking from a water fountain.

Water Resource Center

In 2016, BWL became the second water utility in the nation to remove all lead service lines. Learn more about our award-winning water, and how we treat and distribute it to our customers.

Dam Inundation Maps

Living along two river systems means planning for unique emergencies. Even though dam failures are unlikely, the BWL nonetheless had a dam failure analysis prepared and for our customers’ awareness the inundation maps from the study may be found here on our website. The inundation maps are predictions based on modeling and actual events could be different than depicted on the maps.

Prepare Your Home for Emergencies

The BWL is prepared for any emergencies that may come to the greater Lansing region. Read more about how we restore your utilities when those happen, and how you can stay safe.