For Kids

Louie the Lightning Bug

Louie the Lightning Bug, the BWL’s mascot, helps teach children the importance of electrical safety, including staying safe near power lines and how to use electrical outlets. He visits schools as part of BWL’s School Electric Safety Program, and also works with our Hometown Energy Savers® team to teach kids how to save energy. If you’d like Louie at your next community event, send us an email at

School Electric Safety Program

Are you an elementary school teacher looking for more information on bringing electric safety into the classroom? Consider our free School Electric Safety Program. 

Kids Korner

Energy comes in many different forms and we use it in many different ways. Learn why we need it and the evolution of how we use energy on this fun, interactive page with activities for kids.

Tommy Tap Water

Tommy Tap Water is BWL's water mascot. He teaches children the importance of water, where their water comes from, what we do to keep it safe to drink and how it gets to their faucets for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and so much more.

Tommy Tap Water Logo

Tommy Tap Water Coloring Book

Learn all about BWL water through the adventures of Tommy Tap Water and Phillup!