Strategic Plan


The Lansing Board of Water & Light's strategic plan is a roadmap of goals and priorities to meet upcoming changes while supporting the Mission, Vision and Values.

The current plan was released in January 2021 and details BWL’s strategic goals and priorities for 2021-2025. BWL staff interviewed BWL executive and senior staff, union leadership (IBEW 352) and subject matter experts across the organization. BWL Mission, Vision and Values were refined, and strategic priorities created to reflect feedback and serve as the foundation of the plan.

These priorities are the essence of the Lansing Board of Water & Light's strategic direction, allowing BWL to address challenges and opportunities, while providing a common understanding of the strategic goals for communication and planning at all organizational levels.

Strategic Goals

Five priorities were created from common themes in interviews. For each priority, there are multiple strategies to address challenges and leverage opportunities. These strategies and priorities are the essence of the BWL’s strategic direction, communication and planning throughout the organization. 

Goal: Enhance the customer utility experience and enrich the community we serve.

Strategy 1: Measure, monitor and respond to customer feedback and expectations

Strategy 2: Provide innovative and cost-effective utility products, services and programs that leverages technology

Strategy 3: Support community engagement that includes education, volunteerism and sponsorships

Strategy 4: Promote economic development and regional partnerships that create growth and synergy

Goal: Maintain a workforce that embraces safety, is agile, diverse, engaged and prepared to support the BWL’s success.

Strategy 1: Cultivate a Generative Safety Culture

Strategy 2: Attract, develop and retain a highly skilled, diverse and culturally intelligent workforce

Strategy 3: Cultivate employee engagement that promotes a positive work environment, professional development and career growth with emphasis on succession planning

Goal: Maintain a leadership role in providing energy solutions that support a sustainable planet.

Strategy 1: Enhance and promote policies, practices and standards that support carbon reduction and a healthy eco-system

Strategy 2: Increase renewable energy portfolio and energy waste reduction  

Strategy 3: Support emerging beneficial electrification opportunities

Strategy 4: Enhance sustainable water operations

Strategy 5: Educate customers on BWL’s sustainable practices 

Goal: Apply principles of operational resilience and continuous improvement to all organizational assets, such as equipment, people and knowledge.

Strategy 1: Identify and respond to opportunities for continuous improvement that balance performance, cost and risk 

Strategy 2: Apply industry benchmarks and standards reflecting best practices

Strategy 3: Identify, mitigate and monitor barriers to providing utility services

Goal: Maintain a financially viable organization.

Strategy 1: Continue to refine our rate structure for existing and new customers 

Strategy 2: Sustain fiscal and fiduciary responsibility through planning, analysis, policies, practices and internal controls

Strategy 3: Pursue opportunities and adopt practices that enhance BWL’s competitiveness

Strategy 4: Identify, evaluate and implement revenue diversification opportunities