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BWL delivers safe, reliable and affordable utility products and services to around 130,000 residential and business customers throughout the greater Lansing region. We serve nearly 13,000 commercial and industrial customers in every industry from government, automotive and healthcare, to insurance, IT/technology, hospitality and life sciences. We also serve emerging industries like recreational and medicinal cannabis.

Our team will help evaluate sites for the ability to support your company’s power generation needs, assisting with planning for the integration of energy efficiency features and green/renewable energy support. BWL recognizes the need for discretion when working on competitive projects and we'll work directly with your leadership team to ensure trust and confidentiality.

BWL offers a variety of programs to help you make energy-saving improvements and other incentives including:

BWL provides electric, water, steam heat and chilled water utility services, as well as an expanding renewable energy portfolio that includes solar, wind and landfill gas and hydroelectric sites. We're committed to minimizing any potential down time for business customers and residents alike, which is why we're consistently making upgrades to current systems and conducting necessary maintenance to increase system integrity.

We know energy and utility costs play a significant role in the success of any business, large or small--that’s why we offer a wide selection of rates based on your business and its utility needs. For large-scale business operations with high load demand, we'll also provide customized, unique incentive programs along with additional account support to ensure consistent, high-quality services for those with complex energy use, mixed service needs. View rates for each of our four utility services here.

BWL welcomes the chance to start a conversation about your business and utility needs. We also recognize the need for discretion when it comes to business planning. To get the process stated, fill out our contact form so we can get the right people engaged to ensure trust and confidentiality.