Utility Shut-Off Protection

At BWL, we do everything we can to prevent shut-offs from happening, including working with customers to develop flexible payment schedules. If you're at risk of falling behind on your bills, please contact our Customer Service Department at (517) 702-6006. 


We are happy to offer flexible payment plans to:

  • Customers with low incomes
  • Families with active members in the U.S. military
  • Senior customers 65 and older

Medical Alert Form 

If you have medical equipment in your home that depends on electric power, please fill out our Medical Alert Form. This will ensure shut off protection even if you fall behind on payments. 

Third Party Notification Form

You can now arrange to have a friend, relative or landlord receive a copy of your bills, including any shut-off notice you receive. If you're out of town or overlook a notice, the person you choose can give you a friendly reminder. This free service gives you another measure against utility shut-off. To get started, please fill out our Third Party Notification Form.