Public Notices

Public Notice of Surplus Property

The Lansing Board of Water & Light sells used surplus equipment that may include vehicles, office equipment, and other merchandise on an online auction site designed for government agencies called This site is similar to eBay and other online auctions, but is used by government entities across the country to sell used, outdated, and surplus equipment.

The items will be available for at least 15 days. Buyers are responsible for picking up or shipping the goods they purchase.

To find BWL merchandise for sale on the online auction, visit

Public Notice of Scrap Treated Wood Sales

BWL sells scrap-treated wood to the public.

The following guidelines pertain to any sale of scrap-treated wood:

Sign Release & Liability Form

All Purchasers are required to sign the Scrap-Treated Wood Release and Waiver of Liability Form prior to buying any scrap wood.

Sold "As Is"

All scrap-treated wood is sold "as is" and must be removed from BWL property without alteration or modification. Any cutting or modifications to the wood on BWL property is strictly prohibited.


A fee of $15 + tax will be charged for each load of scrap-treated wood. Purchasers will be allowed to remove as much scrap-treated wood as they desire.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Payments will be only accepted in the form of cash or checks made payable to the Lansing Board of Water & Light.

Schedule an Appointment

BWL personnel are only available by appointment on Thursdays and Fridays between March-October to load scrap-treated wood. Schedule an appointment by contacting John Thomas at (517)702-6160. Load assistance is not available for walk-in purchasers.

Loading Assistance

If the buyer needs loading assistance by BWL personnel, an additional $30 + taxes will apply. Purchasers who load the scrap-treated wood themselves will not be charged this additional fee.

Have a Question?

All questions regarding scrap treated wood sales should be directed to:

Taylor Heins, Warehouse & Print Shop Supervisor, BWL
Phone: (517)702-6903