Management Team

Dick Peffley
General Manager, Chief Executive Office
M. Denise Griffin
Director, Corporate Secretary
Philip Perkins
Director, Internal Auditor
Stephen Serkaian
Executive Director, Customer Operations & Communications
Deanna Sparks
Lead Supervisor, Customer Operations
Amy Adamy
Manager, Communications
Calvin Jones
Director, Government Relations
Breina Pugh
Manager, Community Relations
Brandie Ekren
Executive Director, Strategic Planning & Development
Steve Brennan
Manager, Strategic Planning
Rhonda Jones
Manager, Marketing & Business Strategy
Michael Flowers
Executive Director, Human Resources
Oscar Rodriguez-Franco
Manager, Safety & Security
Joy Wagner
Manager, Employment Services, Workforce Planning & Development and Payroll & Benefits
Heather Shawa
Chief Financial Officer, CFO and Corporate Services
Lori Pung
Manager, General Accounting
Scott Taylor
Manager, Finance and Internal Controls
Bruce Cook
Manager, Purchasing, Warehouse & Facilities
Rod Davenport
Director, Corporate Information Technology
Brad Taylor
Manager, IT Operations
Bob McDonough
Manager, Chief Architect & Enterprise Governance
Bart Neulieb
Supervisor, IT Cyber Security
Mark Matus
General Counsel, Corporate Governance, Risk & Legal Compliance
Lori Myott
Manager, Environmental Services and Eco-Strategies
Susan Sims
Supervisor, Enterprise Risk Management
Dave Bolan
Executive Director, Operations
Jerry Flore
Interim Manager, Asset Management
Ray Moore
Manager, Operational Technology
Pam Moore
Manager, Work Management
Wayne Lynn
Director, Electric Transmission & Distribution
Chris Knudstrup
Manager, System Integrity and Customer Projects
Lynn McKinstry
Manager, Vegetation and Electric System Operations
Andre Manuel
Manager, Electric System Maintenance, Test & Metering
Patrick Hanes
Manager, Traffic ECM and Underground and Transmission & Distribution
Kellie Elford
Interim Manager, Project Engineering
Rob Hodge
Director, Delta Energy Park Project
Scott Hamelink
Director, Water and Electric Operations
Greg Babcock
Manager, Emergency Management & Business Continuity
Alando Chappell
Manager, Water and Steam Distribution
Geneva Vanlerberg
Manager, Water Production Plants
Tony Green
Lead Supervisor, Central Maintenance and Construction
Cindy Lehmkuhle
Manager, Erickson Plant
Thomas Dickinson
Manager, REO Town/Eckert/Moores Park Plants