Why Work For Us?

The Lansing Board of Water & Light is a community employer of choice with a small company feel. Employees truly believe in the company mission and excellence in customer service – whether the customer is the general public or coworkers serving in another department.

Community Service

We believe in our responsibility to give back to the community in which we live and serve. BWL sponsors many community events throughout the year, and are proud to empower our employees with time to volunteer to make our community a better place.


In addition to health insurance and retirement plans, we take benefits a step further with our award-nominated Wellness Program. We have fitness facilities in two buildings, offering group workout classes, meditation, nutrition seminars, and retirement and financial planning services.

Other benefits include:

Our apprenticeships put skilled trade workers through classes at Lansing Community College and offer on-the-job training to get Journeyman Licensure. We also provide ongoing professional development at all stages of your career.

All BWL employees are eligible for both a 401a Defined Contribution and 457b Deferred Compensation plan. These two standard plans are offered to all employees, and contribute a mix of BWL and employee paid benefits to help prepare employees for retirement. 

The BWL 401a Defined Contribution plan is 100 percent employer paid. The 457b Deferred Compensation plan allows for employees to contribute to their retirement and contains an employer match provision up to a specified dollar amount. The BWL retirement savings program also allows for employees to set up an employee contributed Roth IRA account with the ability for payroll deduction to this account. 

The 401a plan is on a 6 year vesting schedule, while the 457b plan is immediately vested. All vested retirement contributions are transferable upon separation from the BWL. 

The BWL insurance offerings include options for Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability, Group Term Life, Supplemental Term Life, Long Term Care and Flexible Spending Accounts.

The BWL cafeteria plan offers annual reopening elections for its plans. Within the plans are a mixture of employee and employer contributed plans.

Full time BWL employees are eligible for paid time off benefits, that include vacation, “free choice” and sick time. The number of hours per employee varies based upon bargaining union status and years of service.

The BWL is also proud to offer 11 paid holidays, and up to four weeks of paid parental leave for the birth, adaption or foster ward of a child after one year of employment. Parental leave time, if eligible, is given in addition to an employee’s other paid time off balances.

The BWL is proud to offer its Be Well 4 Life Program that encompasses four branches of wellness: Physical Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Financial and Educational Wellness, and Mental Wellness.

The core focus of the program is to provide a comprehensive wellness program that engages employees, retirees and their families in living healthy, happy lives.

Employees and eligible dependents have 24/7 access to state of the art fitness centers at no cost, as well as free group fitness classes including yoga, spin class, running groups and more. 

One of the flagship components of the program include multiple running races throughout the year. Promotion often includes a reimbursement for all or some of the race fee, along with the opportunity to join other BWL co-workers and family members in completing some of the best races the area has to offer.

Additionally, at a minimum of twice per year, employees have the option to participate in different health and wellness program related challenges. Challenges may range from physical fitness to bringing in canned goods during the holiday season, and more.

The BWL supports sustainability efforts including reducing plastic water bottles for reusable water containers, encouraging composting and recycling programs by providing separate receptacles and promoting use of compostable products at BWL events. Employees are also encouraged to participate in community events like Rock the Block and Adopt A River.

The BWL is proud to offer longevity service awards. Awards include recognition for:

  • 5 years
  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years
  • 25 years
  • 30 years plus

Each of these service awards show the appreciation of the BWL as a whole to the dedication and service time for its employees. Through company and departmental recognition, longevity in service to the organization and the citizens of the BWL service territory is an important part of the BWL culture.

The BWL offers a robust Employee Assistance Program, available to all BWL employees and dependents.

At no cost to the employee, the BWL EAP Program partners with their EAP provider to provide resources to assist with work life challenges, provide life advisor and life enhancement coaching and consulting, make available short-term counseling services, crisis intervention services, and provide community resources, referrals, provide discounted legal services and financial services.

The EAP benefit is confidential and is a demonstration of the BWL’s commitment to mental and physical health for its employees and their family members.

The BWL’s Home Ownership Program for Employees (HOPE) offers forgivable loans to eligible BWL employees to purchase an owner occupied primary residence within the corporate boundaries of the City of Lansing, excluding Public Act 425 areas.  

The program provides forgivable loans of up to $5,000 for up to six BWL employees each fiscal year to be used for down payment assistance, pre-paid reserves or closing costs for a home purchase. A portion of the loan will be forgiven each year the employee continues to occupy the home as their primary residence and work for the BWL. For each year that the employee continues to be in good standing and occupy the home, 20 percent of the loan will be forgiven. If the employee sells, transfers, vacates or rents the home or terminates his/her employment (except for retirement) with the BWL before the loan has been fully forgiven, the remaining principle balance of the loan will become due with interest.

The BWL offers 100 percent tuition reimbursement for eligible employees, not to exceed the annual IRS taxable limits. Though program requirements apply, the Tuition Reimbursement program serves as one of the many robust employee development opportunities at the BWL. Eligible employees are encouraged and have the opportunity to take advantage of these programs as they continue to develop in their career. Program rules apply.

The BWL Book Club is a group of employees who meet monthly over a common interest . . . Books and Brownies! Diving into a variety of different books, covering all sorts of topics, the BWL Page Turners is a great opportunity for employees to be able to flex their mental muscles with co-workers in a fun and relaxing way. As one of the many opportunities available to employees to interact outside of the normal workday, the BWL Book Club is a great way to focus on your mental health.