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Time Of Use Tips


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On November 1, we updated all residential electric customers to a time of use (TOU) calculation. Time of use allows our customers to better manage their electric bill by shifting their consumption to off-peak hours. Here are some tips to consider to help you save!

Know Your Rate Plan: Whether you’re on a RES1 rate or a RESTOU rate, on and off-peak hours are the same. Learn more about each at

Shift Energy Intensive Tasks: Move energy-intensive tasks to off-peak hours, such as starting the dishwasher, using your washer or dryer, or charging an electric vehicle.

Utilize a Smart Thermostat: Adjust the temperature settings by a few degrees on a smart thermostat during on-peak and off-peak hours.

Get The Family Involved: Ensure everyone in your household is aware of time of use and works to shift their energy during those on-peak times.

Limit Phantom Load: Use smart power strips or unplug devices that draw power even when turned off, such as game consoles, printers and computer monitors.

Time for an Upgrade: Old appliances tend to use more energy. Upgrade to newer appliances with high-efficiency, low-energy settings and save money on your bill regardless if you use them on or off peak. With new appliances, you will also be able to better track your energy usage. To find rebates visit

Happy Holidays: Switch your old Christmas lights out for new LED lights for the most cost savings. Better yet, put them on a timer and schedule them to come on during off peak hours!

By utilizing these tips, you’ll not only be able to lower your bill, but also learn more about the energy you use in your home. If you’re interested in opting into our Off-Peak Savers rate, contact Customer Service at 517-702-6006 or

Be sure to also check out BWL’s Hometown Help Program, an in-home assessment that can help you better understand time of use and find high efficiency appliances and light bulbs to help you save money during on and off-peak times. For more information, visit