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BWL Announces New Electrification Rebate Program

Jan 9, 2024 10:34 AM

The Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL) proudly announces the launch of its new “Electrification Rebate Program,” aimed at promoting sustainable practices and encouraging customers to adopt cleaner, electric home and business equipment options. Part of BWL’s Hometown Energy Savers®, this new program incentivizes BWL electric customers to transition to electric technologies that provide more energy efficient and environmentally friendly choices.

Rebates will be offered on the following items for BWL electric customers:

  • Electric Bikes, or “E-Bikes” (residential customers) – Promotes sustainable urban mobility and reduces traffic congestion which can reduce the consumption of gasoline and lowers local emissions.
  • Induction Cooking Equipment (residential customers) – Encourages the transition from conventional gas stoves to energy-efficient electric alternatives. Induction cooktops offer faster cooking times, precise temperature control and better indoor air quality.
  • Electric Forklifts (commercial customers) – Supports the commercial and industrial sector's transition to cleaner energy solutions by improving air quality in factories, warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Electric Lawn Equipment (residential and commercial customers) – Uses cleaner and quieter alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered mowers, trimmers, chainsaws and blowers. Electric lawn equipment reduces noise pollution in neighborhoods and eliminates emissions associated with gasoline-powered counterparts.

“This program is just another way the BWL is committed to providing our customers cleaner, greener purchase options to reduce their carbon footprint,” said BWL General Manager Dick Peffley. “By providing financial incentives for electrification projects, we want to empower our customers to make environmentally conscious decisions that contribute to a cleaner and healthier Lansing.”

BWL is one of the first utilities in the State of Michigan to offer rebates to customers looking to own their own e-bikes, and worked closely alongside League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB) to develop the program.

"We applaud the BWL for their choice to invest in e-bike incentives and help customers access healthier, happier transportation options," said LMB Communications and Advocacy Director Matt Penniman. "More than 50% of vehicle trips in the Lansing area are 5 miles or less, and replacing some of these with e-bike trips will mean cleaner air, reduced carbon emissions, energy savings, and avoided fuel and maintenance costs. Plus, e-bikes are just plain fun!"

For more information about eligibility criteria and application details, as well as additional ways to save money and energy, visit

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