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Lansing BWL Launches New Program for Residential Customers with Smart Thermostats

Apr 22, 2024 8:30 AM

The Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL) launched a new demand response program called “Peak Power Partner” for its residential electric customers as part of ongoing decarbonization goals of being carbon neutral by 2040. The demand response program allows eligible customers with certain brands and models of smart thermostats to reduce energy usage by allowing the BWL to slightly adjust the thermostat settings during “energy events.”

“We’re excited and proud to offer this innovative program, furthering our dedication to both customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship,” said BWL General Manager Dick Peffley. “We’re committed to a cleaner, greener Lansing, and this is one way our customers can partner with us to achieve it.”

Customers who participate allow their thermostat to be automatically adjusted for up to four hours during hot and humid summer days, resulting in reducing their energy bill and the overall power BWL needs to generate, which avoids carbon emissions and saves money. Participants will receive prior notification of each energy event and may choose to opt-out of events if needed.

Participants who successfully enroll in the program will be given a $50 gift card, plus a $25 gift card at the end of each year they participate in at least 50% of the yearly energy events that are identified.

To participate in the Peak Power Partner Program, participants must:

  • Be a BWL residential electric customer.
  • Have an eligible Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat in the home.
  • Have an always-ON and stable home Wi-Fi network.
  • Have central air-conditioning connected to your smart thermostat(s).

To learn more and apply, visit or call 517-702-6076.

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