How to Read Your Bill

Understanding Your Service Bill

For a detailed explanation of each section in a standard service bill, please see our breakdown below.

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Proration Information

What is proration?

Prorated billing simply means that your bill is calculated based on the cost per day, or the proportion of the monthly service that has been used. Essentially, prorated billing ensures that customers are correctly charged when there are rate increases, service changes, or partial billings.

Why is my bill being prorated?

Effective November 1, BWL Board of Commissioners approved rate increases for electric, water, steam and chilled water services. As a result, and depending on your billing cycle, your bill will be calculated with current (2022) rates effective through October 31, and new (2023) rates becoming effective November 1.

Why are there multiple line items for the same charges on my bill?

Any time a change is made to the rate or billing period, the bill is prorated to correspond with the change. Depending on when your meter is read and your billing cycle, consumption will be charged with its corresponding rate due to the November 1 effective date of the new rates.

Service Bill Breakdown