Second Meter Installation ($1000 Rebate)

BWL Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Program provides rebates to help offset the costs associated with the installation of home charging stations.

You could qualify for a $1,000 Rebate from the BWL, if you:

  • Install a Level 2 charger,
  • Are a current BWL electric service customer in good standing,
  • Register your vehicle at the same address where the Level 2 charger will be installed,
  • Are applying for your primary residence only,
  • Install a secondary meter that is directly connected to the hardwired Level 2 charger and enrolled in the Separately Metered Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Residential Electric Service - Rate 22. Details on Rate 22 can be found on our Rate Sheet – Rate Code: RES22.
  • The $1,000 rebate and secondary Rate 22 meter may be right for you if:
    • Your electric vehicle charger is going to be hardwired,
    • You may be limited on the available amperage in your home electrical panel and do not want to upgrade your panel,
    • You want to track electrical usage from charging your EV separately from the rest of your residence.

Please see the below Residential Plug-In Electric Vehicle $1,000 Rebate Application for full requirements and necessary documentation.

Note: Residential customers who want to install a hardwired charging station up to 60 amperes (amp) service do not require prior approval from BWL. However, any hardwired charging station that is above a 60 Amp service will need to receive prior approval from BWL. For EV charger installations above a 60 amp service, BWL will approve the installation on a case-by-case basis. BWL reserves the right to reject a rebate for an EV charger with > 60 amp service or require the customer to charge the vehicle at less than 60 amps to qualify for the rebate.