South Reinforcement Transmission Line Project

The South Reinforcement Transmission Line project, part of our Lansing Energy Tomorrow initiative, is needed to update our aging electric system to prepare for our community's future energy need. This project will construct approximately 6 miles of  transmission line from Central Substation to Wise Substation and will continue BWL’s efforts to replace and upgrade aging infrastructure with clean, efficient and reliable generation and transmission assets. This project will improve reliability and add redundancy to the grid by connecting new and upgraded substations with clean power generation sources.

For more project information, view the project brochure.

This project will be completed in several phases. Currently, we are nearing completion of the Pre-Design phase and will quickly move into the Easement Acquisition & Design phase. Below are some FAQ's related to these phases of this project.

Phase 1: Pre-Design

The first phase of this project is the Pre-Design phase, which is nearing completion. During this phase, a route study, property market valuation study and several surveys will be completed to help identify the preliminary transmission line route and aid in the design of the transmission line. These surveys will include:

  • Property (Boundary) Survey, which identifies property corners and boundaries.
  • Utility Survey, which identifies existing overhead and underground facilities within a corridor.

Survey crews will locate underground utilities and property corners and boundaries with survey-grade GPS equipment. This data will aid in the design and routing of the transmission line.

Survey of each parcel of land will vary depending on the size and survey type. Survey crews and times may vary depending on the type of survey required. All survey activities should be completed by March 2021.

All survey work is being performed by BWL or a BWL authorized third party contractor. Contractors will be wearing easily identifiable clothing and be in BWL marked vehicles.

Landowners will receive notice of the project indicating that work will be performed on their property before crews arrive, so we ask that you not approach survey crews and allow them to complete the work required. If you have specific questions regarding survey activities, please call (517) 702-6077 or send an email to Survey crews will not have detailed project information.

No, at no time will any survey crew need access to your home. If property corners are behind fencing or landscaping, there may be a need to enter the yard inside the fence to access.

Phase 2: Easement Acquisition & Design

The second phase will be the Easement Acquisition & Design phase. This phase will begin with compiling and reviewing the survey data acquired in the Pre-Design phase. This data will determine the need for easements from landowners along the transmission line route. Field agents will begin contacting landowners about easements in late 2020. Design of the transmission line will follow easement acquisition activities and will consist of engineering, material procurement, permitting and contract selection.

Due to the limited space within the existing road right-of-way, BWL may request a private easement to allow for construction, maintenance and operation of the transmission line.

An easement is a nonpossessory right to use and/or enter onto the real property of another. Many easements grant a right-of-way through public or private land. For more information, view our easement handout.

No. An easement is not the same as obtaining property in-fee (owning the property). The right-of-way granted with the easement will not alter the total size of your property. Rather, it is just a right to use a portion of the property.

All landowners affected by the easement acquisition process will be contacted by a qualified field agent. Field agents will have an aerial map of each property showing the proposed transmission line route and will provide BWL’s offer to purchase the easement based on a current market study valuation of the property and the total area of the proposed easement along the property.

The newly acquired easement will be utilized by BWL to design the new transmission line route. The transmission line will be designed in accordance with the available widths throughout the corridor, either in public road right-of-way or on private easements from the landowners.

To route and construct the new transmission line, new wood or steel monopoles will need to be constructed inside the easement, typically on the backside of the sidewalk. Many landowners will have their easement utilized for the transmission line corridor to overhang the wires and a pole will not need to be placed within the easement for every landowner.

Phase 3: Construction

The third phase of this project will be the Construction phase. After the Easement Acquisition & Design phase has been completed, the Construction phase will begin.

The construction phase will take place in stages, with the first stage clearing any vegetation needed for access and construction of the transmission line. The second stage consists of below grade construction, which includes preparing pole locations, excavating and constructing the transmission line structure foundations. The third stage consists of above grade construction, which includes setting poles, stringing wires, and installing hardware. The fourth and final stage will be cleanup and restoration of the construction activities.

Construction is anticipated to start in spring 2025 and finish in early 2026.

BWL will notify all landowners who are affected by construction prior to construction start.

A qualified construction contractor will be selected once the design has been completed and material procured. Contractors will be wearing easily identifiable clothing and be in BWL marked vehicles.