Receiving Pre-Approval

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Receiving Pre-Approval

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Before you start your project, be sure to get your pre-approval. Your project will need pre-approval if it includes:

  • Custom measures
  • Prescriptive incentives over $10,000
  • All new construction and major renovation projects

If your project does require pre-approval, to ensure that your project is eligible and to reserve your funds, submit a pre-approval application that includes:

  • Application Information
    • Customer & Project Information
    • Job Site Information
    • Trade Ally/Contractor Information
    • Completed worksheet(s) that are applicable to your project 
  • Itemized quote/proposal with model numbers from your contractor or vendor
  • Product specification sheets for the equipment to be installed

All projects are subject to inspection before and or after the work is performed. You must receive a reservation letter before your project work begins. You can expect to receive your reservation letter in 2-4 weeks once all documentation is received.

Custom incentives are available for larger, complex projects requiring a tailored solution. Incentives are based on annual electric savings. 

Variety of compressed air measures including variable speed drive air compressors, nozzles, tools, and storage tanks. Incentives over $10,000 and or the compressed air leak detection, energy audit and repair requires pre-approval. 

Variety of grow lighting and HVAC measures for indoor agricultural grow facilities that operate year-round. Only incentive requests over $10,000 require pre-approval for indoor agriculture projects. Download this spreadsheet if you need more rows for the Watts Reduction Calculation Table. 

Variety of LED, TLED, fixture, delamping, signage, exterior lighting, parking garage lighting, and lighting control measures available for incentives. Only incentive requests over $10,000 or custom lighting projects require pre-approval. Download this spreadsheet if you need more rows for the Watts Reduction Calculation Table. 

Variety of VFDs, electric chiller tune-up, computer room air conditioning, HVAC, commercial refrigeration, food service, industrial, and miscellaneous equipment measures available for incentives. Electric chillers, split-system, central packaged, unitary and rooftop AC, air and ground-source heat pumps, occupancy sensor control for HVAC, constant volume AHU to VAV, and commercial dishwashers require pre-approval. 

Complete Your Project & Receive Your Incentives

After you receive your reservation letter, follow the instructions in the application and install your equipment within 90 days. Contact a program representative early if you need more time. Within 30 days of project completion, you must submit:

  • Remaining Application Information
    • Payee and W-9 Information
    • Revised application worksheet(s), if applicable
  • Detailed itemized invoice(s) for equipment and any applicable external labor costs
  • Product specification sheets for installed equipment

Once completed paperwork is submitted, your application will be reviewed and processed. Incentive payments are made by check and are usually mailed within 6 to 8 weeks.

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