Save Money & Energy

Welcome to the Lansing Board of Water & Light's Carbon Neutrality Programs, where our comprehensive range of initiatives, from renewable energy projects to energy efficiency programs, reflects our dedication to creating a cleaner, more resilient Lansing.

Residential Programs

Programs for homeowners and renters.

Commercial Programs

Programs for commercial and small business owners.

Residential Programs

Appliance Recycling

Earn a rebate for the disposal of your old refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers and room air conditioners through our Appliance Recycling program.

ENERGY STAR® Appliances

Residential BWL customers can earn rebates for the purchase and installation of qualified appliances, saving you money on upfront product costs.

Heating and Cooling

Optimize your home's heating and cooling systems for efficiency, ensuring a comfortable living space while minimizing energy waste and lowering your bills.

Home Energy Visit

Our Home Energy Visit program is designed to assist households in improving energy efficiency and lowering utility bills through in-person assessments to identify cost saving opportunities.


BWL buys down the cost of LED lighting options at participating retailers across the greater Lansing area.

Electrification Offers

BWL now offers rebates for residents looking to reduce their carbon emissions by making the switch from fossil fuels to electrically powered equipment such as lawn tools, induction cooking and e-bikes. 

Electric Vehicle and Charging Program

BWL provides a rebate for residents who are installing their own level 2 charger equipment. 

Distributed Generation

Customers can receive payment for excess energy returned to BWL’s electric grid through the Distributed Generation Program and installing your own solar array. 

GreenWise Renewable Power Program

Residential customers can encourage the growth of more utility-scale renewable energy and lower costs for all customers by subscribing to BWL’s GreenWise Renewable Power program.

NEW - Peak Power Partner Demand Response Program

Residential electric customers who enroll a smart thermostat will simultaneously help manage energy consumption during times of high demand or grid stress and earn incentives.

Tax Credits

The federal government offers numerous tax incentives for many items that save energy, electrify a gas appliance or vehicle, or generate clean energy.

Commercial Programs

Commercial & Industrial Incentives 

BWL offers commercial customers an option for virtually any upgrade that can help your business save money and energy. The small business program offers higher rebate amounts for basic lighting and refrigeration projects. 

Commercial Electric Vehicles, Fleet and Charging

Transition your commercial fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce emissions and operational costs. 

Electric Forklifts

Looking to cut down on poor indoor air quality or reduce noise at your business? BWL now provides rebates for making the switch to an electric forklift from gas or propane. 

Commercial Solar – Distributed Generation

Reduce your commodity charges and earn money at a market rate for the energy returned to BWL’s electric system by installing your own solar through the Distributed Generation program.

GreenWise Renewable Power Program

Businesses have the chance to buy into BWL’s renewable future by purchasing renewable energy credits through our GreenWise Renewable Power Program. 

Small Business

BWL offers higher rebate amounts for basic lighting and refrigeration projects to help small businesses thrive while minimizing their environmental impact. Small businesses play a crucial role in local communities and by adopting sustainable practices, they contribute to the overall well-being of the community.